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Chief Engineer, Inter State waters(isw), WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (W.R.D.O)


                        The  Inter State waters(ISW), W.R.D.O consists of two units namely, Krishna Godavari Unit & Cauvery Unit. The ISW wing is headed by  the Chief Engineer. The Chief Engineer is assisted by the one Superintending Engineers and three Executive Engineers.


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Chief Engineer,
Inter State Waters,
Ananda Rao Circle
Bangalore-560 009



Superintending Engineer, 
Inter State Waters,
Ananda Rao Circle
Bangalore-560 009






           The Krishna Godavari Unit under the jurisdiction of the Water Resources Development Organisation, is working on the following Inter-State Water Disputes:

1.                 Krishna Water Dispute

2.                 Mahadayi Diversion Scheme

3.                 Godavari  Water Dispute

4.                 Palar and Pennar Basin

5.                 Inter-linking of rivers


1. Krishna Water Dispute:

a)         As per the final report which includes the final judgement of Krishna Water Dispute Tribunal (Bachawat Tribunal) dated 27.05.1976 two Schemes namely Scheme ‘A’ and Scheme ‘B’ were devised to allocate waters in Krishna valley among the basin states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Under Scheme ‘A’, 2060 tmc of water available in Krishna basin at 75% dependability is allocated. The share of Karnataka is 700 tmc.  Further the Tribunal allocated 34 tmc regenerated water and hence total allocation is 734 tmc.  

b)        The Scheme ‘B’ devised by Bachawat Tribunal is to allocate the surplus waters available in Krishna basin. Accordingly, the share of Karnataka shall be 50% of surplus waters. This Scheme ‘B’ is supposed to come into force only after the formation of ‘Krishna Valley Authority’ as per the Act of Parliament or depending upon the final decision of the new Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal. 

c)        On complaint of party States to constitute a new Tribunal, to distribute surplus waters in Krishna basin as per Bachawat Award   (i.e., implementation of Scheme ‘B’), the Central Government constituted a new Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal on 2.4.2004.   

d)        The Government of Karnataka reconstituted Krishna Water Disputes Technical Committee on 10.06.2005 under the Chairmanship of  Shri. D.N.Desai, Retired Secretary, PWD, to pose the rights of the State effectively before the new Tribunal.  The Committee is meeting often to prepare the documents for claiming the rightful share in additional water to the State and is giving technical advise and co-operating with the legal team, arguing for the State.   

e)         Engineers of K-G Unit are working on routine basis in the Krishna Water Cell established in Karnataka Bhavan-III at New Delhi.  Whenever the Advocates, appointed for the Tribunal, visit this Water Cell, necessary documents required by them are being provided.  Apart from this, Senior Officers also travel to Delhi often, stay there to assist the Advocates and legal team by providing necessary documents and information.  

f)         The State Government has appointed Sri. D.N.Desai as Principal Advisor on 10.06.2005. Sri. Sriramaiah, Retired Superintending Engineer was appointed as Technical Advisor on 23.10.2003 for study of Krishna Water Disputes. Sri. T.S.Narayana Swamy, Retired Executive Engineer and    Sri. H.Seshadri, Retired Under Secretary have been appointed as Deputy Technical Advisors on 15.03.2005.  The staff members of this Unit are assisting them.   

g)         Karnataka filed one I.A., Maharashtra filed four I.A.s and Andhra Pradesh filed five I.A.s before the Tribunal.  These I.A.s were taken up for arguments by Tribunal and orders have been issued on 09.06.2006.  These orders are in favour of Karnataka State.  

h)         The project reports of the projects in Krishna basin of Karnataka and information in common formats have been filed before the Tribunal. In addition to this, reports of commissions and information on drought situation in the State are also filed. These documents are relied upon for arguing the case of Karnataka. 

i)          Two Expert Witnesses have been posed by Karnataka and cross examination by other States have been completed. Further cross examination of Expert Witness of other States have been completed  by the Senior Advocates of Karnataka with the full co-operation and assistance of the Technical team. States of Karnataka and Maharashtra completed their arguments. Arguments of Andhra Pradesh is going on. 

j)          After completion of arguments, the Tribunal would take up proceedings of final arguments by party States. There after, under Section 5(2) of ISWD Act 1956 (Amended Act 2002) the award and decision of the Tribunal would be announced.


2.      Mahadayi Diversion Scheme:

a)         The Master Plan Committee has studied the availability of water to Karnataka in this basin, which includes drinking water scheme to Hubli and Dharwad Twin Cities.  The Government had requested the Master  Plan  Committee for  Krishna  Water Disputes under the  Chairmanship  of    Sri. D.N.Desai to prepare the Mahadayi Master Plan.  After expiry of the tenure of this Committee, the official Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Water Resources Department has made studies and the Mahadayi Diversion Scheme Master Plan for an utilization of 44 TMC is submitted to the Government. 

b)         The Goa Government has submitted a complaint to Central Government to constitute Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal.  The Tribunal is not yet constituted.  In the meantime, Goa Government has filed an Original Suit No. 4/2006 before the Supreme Court and arguments are going on.  The State of Karnataka has filed reply affidavit in this regard before the Supreme Court. 

c)        Hon'ble Minister of Water Resources, Government of India in his letter dated: 21.02.2007 has expressed that the water dispute referred by Government of Goa cannot be settled by negotiations and therefore, further action in this regard is being taken by the Ministry in accordance with provision   of  ISWD Act 1956.  

d)         As per ISWD Act 1956, Goa has filed a suit in O.S.4/2006 for transferring the Mahadayi dispute to the Tribunal for which Mahadayi dispute to the Tribunal for which Karnataka has filed a Counter Affidavit in the Supreme Court.  This case hearing is to come up in the Supreme Court.


3.      Godavari Water Dispute.

        a)        As per the final decision of Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal,   22.37 tmc of water is available in the Godavari Basin to the State of Karnataka. Further, 23 tmc of additional water  will be available to the  State of Karnataka in Krishna basin when water is diverted by Andhra Pradesh into Krishna river from Godavari i.e., when polavaram Diversion Scheme is accorded by Government of India and implemented by  Government of Andhra Pradesh.  

           b)        Babli barrage:-  Andhra Pradesh has filed an Original Suit (O.S.1/2006) against Maharashtra before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India objecting the construction of a Babli barrage illegaly with in the reservoir water spread area of Pochampad Project (SRSP) by the State of Maharashtra. Karnataka is also made one of the respondents in this case. Since the case is mainly between Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, there is no role of Karnataka. However, the State of Karnataka is continuing its appearance in the suit.


4.                Palar and Pennar Basin:

Andhra Pradesh has raised an Inter State Water Dispute in connection with construction of Paragodu Project across Chitravathi river to provide drinking water supply scheme to Bagepalli and Gudibande towns and surrounding 88 villages in Kolar District and other Minor Irrigation Tanks, taken up by Karnataka in Kolar and Tumkur districts in Palar and Pennar Valley. In this matter Andhra Pradesh has filed an Original Suit No.5/2003 against Karnataka before the Supreme Court of India. In reply, Karnataka has filed an application before the Supreme Court for rejection of plaint.This case hearing is to come up in the Supreme Court. 


5.                Inter Linking of Rivers:

The Government has given clear orders regarding Master Plan Committee conducting meeting, studying and submitting the report in respect of Inter linking of rivers.  Accordingly, Master Plan Committee has asked the concerned to submit the demand and a report.  Consolidated report will be prepared, after receiving the report from the concerned.  In this regard, the Government has constituted a High Level Official Committee on 19.05.2004 under the Chairmanship of the Secretary, Water Resources Department, Government of Karnataka.  The project report is under preparation and there is no time limit stipulated for submission of the same. 

`To meet the expenditure towards the above water disputes works Rs.1100.00 lakhs of Grant allocated for the year 2008-09 (Estimated cost Rs. 835.00 lakhs). An expenditure of Rs. 782.71 lakhs has been incurred upto end of March 2009. The main object of the struggle is to mitigate the drought in the North Karnataka region in Krishna, Mahadayi & Godavari basins by providing good quality drinking water supply and water for Irrigation.