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Important events in Water Resources Project  

¨          Sir M. Visweshwariah who was the nation builders of India born in Muddenahalli in Chickbalapur Tq. of Kolar District in Karnataka State. He has designed and constructed the World famous Krishnaraja Sagara Reservoir.  Government of India has honored him with “Bharata Ratna” title.

¨         The power house at Shivasamudram, commissioned in 1902, being the earliest hydro power project in the country with an head of about 400 feet and an installed capacity of 42 MW.  The power developed is of 25 cycles frequency and feeds the Kolar Gold Fields.  

¨          The rivers Cauvery, Hemavathy and Lakshmana theertha are being gauged by current meter from 1916 to assess the flows at Kannambadi where the Krishnaraja Sagara has been built up.   

¨         The Kanva and Markonahalli reservoir have been provided with Syphon spillways for discharging design flood.  These are the unique structures in the field of Water Resources Projects.  

¨         The unique features of the Malaprabha Dam is that it is the shortest dam in Karnataka and being situated in an narrow deep gorge with little scope for river diversion during construction.   The deep gorge is also known as Peacock gorge.  The length of the dam is 154.53 mtrs.  

¨         Bagur-navile tunnel having a length of 9.7625 kms  is one of the biggest tunnel under Hemavathy Reservoir Project.  

¨       The composite dam at Almatti under Upper Krishna Project will submerge an area of 24230 Hectares affecting 136 villages and a population of 1,80,000.  The Baglkote Town will going to be submerged in this Upper Krishna Project.

¨       On the 10-4-1969, the Government of India constituted the Krishna          Water Disputes Tribunal for adjudication  the water dispute regarding the inter- state river Krishna and the river valley thereof. The tribunal gave it's report on 24- 12 - 1973 .The tribunal gave it's further reports on 27 -5- 1976.The water allocated to the state of Karnataka is 734 TMC.`

¨      Government of India , Ministry of water resources constituted the "Cauvery water dispute tribunal " in it's order No. 21/1/90-WD Dated 2/6/1990 with head quarters at New Delhi 


¨      The Cauvery Water Dispute has given an Interim Order directing Karnataka to release water  from it's  reservoirs in Karnataka so as to ensure that 205 TMC of water is available in Tamilnadu 's Mettur Reservoirs in a Water year.Karnataka shall not increase it's area under irrigation by the waters of river Cauvery beyond existing 11.2 Lakh Acres.


¨       The rate of siltation in Tunga Badra Reservoir is 5.27 Hectare Meter per 100 Sq Km per year which has reduced the capacity of Reservoir by 11 TMC from 1953 to 1985 .