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1.          The Water Resources Department is one of the  major department in  the  Government  of Karnataka headed by the Hon'ble Minister for Major and Medium Irrigation.  The Department harnesses Surface Water for Irrigation and Drinking Water Purposes.

2.          The Irrigation projects are classified under two categories, as indicated below depending upon the extent of culturable command area (CCA). 

SL.No.   Category   Extent of CCA  


Major Irrigation Projects

Those having CCA of 10,000  ha or more


Medium Irrigation Projects

Those having CCA between 2,000 ha to 10,000 ha

3.         The Water Resources Department consists of four major corporations-KBJNL, KNNL CNNL and VJNL and they have been established in 1994, 1998 2003 and 2016 respectively. These four corporations are unique establishment of the state of Karnataka as these are envisaged as Special Purpose Vehicle for speedy implementation of irrigation projects and to enable the Government to borrow funds from external sources.

             In addition to these four corporations, there are some projects which are being handled by Water Resources Department directly.


4.        The ultimate Irrigation Potential, from all sources in the state has been estimated as 61.00 lakh hectares, out of which 40.66 Lakhs hectares is under major and medium irrigation projects.  Upto end of 31-03-2019, irrigation potential of 29.19 lakh hectares has been created. 


Sl. No. Scheme Details Extent of Area in Ha.

Major and Medium Irrigation Projects

40.66 Lakhs