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1.  Name of the project TARAKA RESERVOIR  
2.  Location  
     a)      Nearby     village/town Across river Taraka near village Penjahalli
     b)      Taluk Heggadadevanakote
     c)      District Mysore
     d)      Latitude 12o  2'  10" N
     e)      Longitude 76o  15' 30" E
3.Catchment area  (in sq,kms) 276.610
4.Sub-Basin Kabini C-2
5.Basin Cauvery
6.Design yield (in tmc) 9.729 TMC as per original project report of 1970.  It is now revised to 3.133 tmc during 1986.  
7.Storage (in tmc)
i)                    Gross 3.940  
ii)                   Dead 0.735  
iii)                 Live 3.205  
iv)                 Carry-over -Nil-  
8.Reservoir evaporation losses (in tmc)    0.25  
9.Submersion (in acres)
i)                    Forest area 2,700  
ii)                   Cultivable area -Nil-  
iii)                 Fallow lands -Nil-  
iv)                 No.of villages / hamlets -Nil-  
10.Reservoir Levels Of Storages

i)                    Full Reservoir level (FRL)

RL 2,425.00  

ii)                   Minimum draw down level (MDDL)

RL 2,388.00  

iii)                 Dead Storage level RL 2,380.00  
iv)                 Sill level of canal sluice
    a)      Right Bank Canal Sluice RL 2,380.00  
    b)      Left Bank Canal Sluice

RL 2,380.00  

v)                  Sill level of river sluice RL 2,350.00  
11.Silt charge per year (mcft/sq,km.of CA)

i)                    Designed


ii)                   Actual Not assessed  
12.Ayacut (in acres)
i)                    Left Bank Canal 6,000  
ii)                   Right Bank Canal


13.General characteristics of soil in the command area  In the upper reaches of canal, red soil is predominant while black soils are more predominant in lower reaches.  
14.Power Generation
a)      Installed power (in mw) No power generation  
b)      Annual power generation (in mu) -Nil-
a)Type of Dam     Dam with Central Spillway and Earthen flanks on either side.
b)Length of Dam (in ft)            4175
c) Height of dam (in ft) above River Bed Level 105
d)Length of spillway (in ft) 172
e)Capacity of spillway              40,000 cusecs; Vertical gates
16.Particulars Of canals and Outlets
a)Outlets (Canals & Rivers)  3 Nos. of 40 x 20
LBC                            RBC          RIVER
b) Number       2 2 2
c) Type           Vertical
(6 x8)                    
(6 x 7)  
(6 x 8)    
d) Capacity (Cusecs)        312                                        336   3900
17.DESCRIPTION OF CANALS       (Main and Branch Canals)  
i)                    Length of LBC (in kms) 50

ii)                   Length of RBC (in kms)

iii)                  Length of Branch Canal under LBC -Nil-
iv)                 Length of Branch Canal under RBC
             a)      Length of Link Canal 1.10 km
             b)      Right Branch Link Canal 12.00 km
             c)      Left Branch Link Canal 21.00 km
v)        Whether perennial / One Seasonal / Two Seasonal Two Seasonal
vi)       Whether lined or unlined unlined
vii)       Authorised Head Capacity

             a) LBC -  

312 Cusecs
             b) RBC   336 Cusecs