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1.Name of the Project Bhadhra Reservoir Project
a.        Near by Village Lakkavalli
b.       Taluk Tarikere
c.        District Chickamagular
d.       Latitude 13º -42’-00’’ N
e.        Longitude 75º -38’-20’’ E
f.         Purpose Multipurpose


Tunga Bhadra – K-8
4.Catchment Area ( in sq km) 1968 Sq kms or (760 sq.miles)
5.Yield ( in TMC) 84.63 TMC(75%dependable)
6.Storage (in TMC)
a.        Gross 71.50 TMC @ RL 2158’or 657.75 mtr
b.        Dead (below cill level) 8.50 TMC @ RL 2072’ or 631.54 Mtr
c.        Live above : 63.00 TMC @ RL 2072’ or 631.54 Mtr
i)  Lowest cill level 26.21 m
ii) M.D.D.L. 13.84 TMC @ RL 2088’ ore 636.42 Mtr
a.        Total area ( in Hect) 11250.88
b.       Forest area ( in Hect) 717.49
c        Cultivable area( in Hect) 3274.65
d.       Fallow land ( in  Hect) 7258.74
e        Number of villages 28 Nos.
i         Submerged & Affected 28 Nos.
8.Utilisation ( in TMC)
a) Allocation of Water as per Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal Award 61.70 TMC
9.Irrigation ( in hect)
a.        Gross command 162818 Ha.
b.       Cultivable command 121500 Ha.
c.        Irrigation area 105570 Ha.
d.        Irrigated cropped area 105570 Ha.
10.General Characteristics of soil in the commands
1.        Right Bank Canal

Black soil 8.5%and Red soil 93.5%

2.        Left Bank  Canal Black soil 7.0% and Red soil 93%
11.Dam and Appurtenant Works
1.        Type of Dam Composite
2.        Length (in Mtrs) 1708
3.        Height above river bed level (in Mtrs)

194 Ft. or 59.13 Mtr

4.        MWL (in Meters) 186 Ft. or 657.75 mts above MSL

5         Full Reservoir level (in mtrs)

56.70 m or 657.75 m above MSL
6.        Minimum draw down level (in mtrs) 116’or 636.40 mtr above MSL
7         Dead storage level (in mtrs) 100’or 631.50mtr above MSL
8         Cill level of sluices (in Mtrs)  
a.        Left Bank low level canal 36’ or 612.00 mtrs above MSL
b.        Right Bank low level canal 100’ or 631.5 mtrs above MSL
12.Spill way:
a.       Type Oghee
b.       Location Middle
c.       Length (in mtrs) 82.30
d.       Discharging capacity (in cumces


13.Crest Gates:
a.       Type Verticle
b.       Numbers 4 Nos
c.       Size (in mtrs)  
i)                     Height 25’or 7.62 mtrs

ii)                   Width

60’ or 18.28 mtrs

14.River Sluices

a.        Numbers 2 Nos.
b.       Size ( in mtrs)


c.        Discharging capacity ( in Cumecs) 13,300 Cusecs or 376.61 cums
15.Canal outlets: L.B.C                         R.B.C.
a.        Numbers 1                                    2
b.       Size 1.82x3.86mtrs        2.43x4.56 mtrs
c.        Capacity (in cumecs)

10.76                         75.03

16.Annual Silt deposit ( in Mcft/sq km of Catchment area)
a.        Designed 10.78Mcft per year

b.       Actual

0.0437%per year or 31.245 mcft/year.
17  Canals
a)       Left Bank canal(Unlined)

77.0 Km

b)       Right Bank canal(Unlined)


          i)         Main Canal

103.00 Km

         ii)         Branch canal

284.90 Km

18.Discharge Capacity of Canals

a.        Left Bank canal 10.76 Cumecs (380 cusecs)
b.       Right Bank canal

75.03 Cumecs (2650 cusecs)

19. Hydro  Power   
a. No. of units 4
b Capacity in MW  40.4