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1. Name of  Reservoir                   Hemavathy Reservoir                        proj_hemavathy.jpg (17151 bytes)
2. Location                  

across Hemavathy River near Gorur village.

     Latitude 120 45' 0" N
     Longitude 760  03' 0" E
     Taluk Hassan
     District Hassan
     Sub-basin Upper Cauvery C1
3. Catchment area (in Sq.kms) 2810
4. Designed yield (inTMC)         78.687 (at 50% dependability)
5. Storage (in TMC)             
    i) Gross        37.103
    ii) Dead             1.343
    iii) Live               35.760
    iv) Carryover                  Nil

6. Reservoir evaporation losses (TMC)

7. i) Filling period    From June to September
  ii) Depletion period           From October to May
8. Submersion (in acres)  22,640
  i)   Forest area        Nil
  ii) Cultivable area              16,000 acres
      a) Karab and river portion      6,640 acres
iii) Fallow lands  nil
iv)  No.of villages / Hamlets
       a) No. of villages submerged    46 villages
       b) No.of villages partially   affected         126 villages
                                                                      Total 172 villages 
9.Levels Of Storage .
    i)   Full Reservoir Level (FRL)  RL 2922.00 ft.
    ii)  Minimum draw down level (MDDL)             RL 2862.00 ft.
    iii) Dead Storage level RL 2845.00 ft.
    iv) Sill level of Canal Sluices  
        a) Hemavathy Left Bank Canal RL 2845.00 ft.
        b) Hemvathy Right Bank Canal : RL 2845.00 ft
        c) Hemvathy Right Bank High  Level Canal RL 2880.00 ft.
   v)  Sill level of river sluice     RL 2805.00 ft.
10. Silt charge per year (MCft/ of CA)
   i) Designed    0.00498
   ii) Actual      0.00165
11. Ayacut (in acres)
 i)   Hemavathy Left Bank Canal       1,95,000
       a) Tumkur Branch Canal    2,37,000
       b) Nagamangala Branch Canal 1,47,000
 ii)  Hemavathy Right Bank Canal   20,000
 iii) Hemavathy Right Bank High  Level canal   56,000
 iv) Lift Irrigation Schemes  (In Acres )  
       a) Kattepura L.I.Scheme     2240
       b) Kendinne L.I.Scheme   2240 
       c) Mudigere L.I.Scheme   800
       d) Kyathanahally L.I.Scheme 1150
       e) Ganjigere L.I.Scheme     900
       f)  Ramenahalli L.I.Scheme  780
       g) Merve L.I.Scheme    356
       h) Maniganahalli L.I.Scheme    500
       i) Hosapatna L.I.Scheme  750
       j) Janardhanahally L.I.Scheme 380
       k) Arkalgud L.I.Scheme  9660
       l) Hallimysore L.I.Scheme    16000
      m) Bagur-Navile Tunnel Approach side L.I.Scheme   5000
      n) Bagur-Navile Tunnel Exit side L.I.Scheme 5000
                                     Total:          45,756

Grand Total

12. General characteristics of soil in the  Command Area .Soils in Hemavathy Left Bank Canal Command are Reddish – Brown to  Yellowish Brown gravelly to sandy  loam moderately deep
.Soils in Hemavathy Right Bank Canal Command are Dark – Reddish Brown to Black sandy to sandy clay loam, shallow to deep in depth.
13 Power Generation
     a) Installed power in M.W    Nil
     b) Annual power in M.U  Nil
II. (i)  (b) Particulars of Dam
    1. Type of Dam                 Masonry Dam with Central Spillway and earthen flanks on either banks.
    2. Length of Dam (in ft)   15,394
    3. Height of Dam (in ft) above river bed level           146
    4. Length of spillway       310 ft. with 6 radial gates of sizes 35' x 30' each.
    5. Capacity of spillway  1,28,000 Cusecs.
    6. Outlets (canals and River)


         Numbers       Type     Size Capacity (in cusecs)
  i)    Hemavathy Left Bank Canal 5       Vertical       8' x 10'       4,000
  ii)  Hemavathy Right   Bank Canal 4        Vertical  8' x 10' 330
  iii)Hemavathy Right  Bank High        Level Canal 2 Vertical    5' x 10'     907
  iv) River Sluice       5  Vertical   8' x 14'   39,400
II. (ii) Description of Canals (Main and Branch Canals)
1.  i) Length of Hemavathy Left Bank Canal : 214 Kms.
    ii) Hemavathy Right Bank Canal  91 Kms.
    iii) Hemavathy Right Bank High Level Canal    106 Kms.
2.    i) Length of Branch Canal under Hemavathy   Left Bank Canal
         a) Tumkur Branch Canal           240 Kms.
         b) Nagamangala Branch Canal  78.5 Kms.
     ii) Length of Branch Canal under Hemavathy Right Bank Canal No Branch Canal
     iii) Length of Branch Canal under Hemavathy Right Bank High  Level Canal No Branch Canal
3.      Whether perennial / one seasonal/ two seasonal
i)   Hemavathy Left Bank Canal     Two Seasonal
ii)  Hemavathy Right Bank Canal   One Seasonal
iii) Hemavathy Right Bank High Level Canal One Seasonal
4.  Whether Lined or Unlined    Lining is proposed to canals with carrying capacity above 5 cusecs.
5.  Authorised Head Capacity
    i) Hemavathy Left Bank Canal  4000 Cusecs
       a) Tumkur Branch Canal      1429 Cusecs
       b) Nagamangala Branch Canal   860 Cusecs
   ii) Hemavathy Right Bank Canal       330 Cusecs
   iii) Hemavathy Right Bank    High Level Canal            907 Cusecs