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1. Name of Reservoir Suvarnavathi Reservoir Project SUVARNAVATHY RESERVOIR
2. Location   

Across Suvarnavathi River near Attigulipura village          

  Longituude  70. 01- 51     
   Latitude   10 - 40’ – 42”
   Taluk   Chamarajanagar
   District                        Mysore.
   Sub-Basin     Suvarnavathi Sub-Basin C-3
4. Design yield (in TMC) 

5.07 on the proportionate catchments area basis

5. Storage (in TMC) 
    i) Gross  1.260
   ii) Dead   0.001
   iii) Live 1.259
   iv) Carry-over -NIL-
6. Reservoir evaporation losses (TMC) 0.255
7.  (i) Filling period  From June to November
    (ii) Depletion period     From December  to March
8.  Submersion (in acres)
     ( i) Forest area   1112.20
     (ii) Cultivable area  100.00
     (iii) Fallow lands   NIL
Total   1212.20
(iv) No. of villages/ Hamlets  1
9. Level Of Storage RL 2455.00
      i) Full Reservoir Level (FRL) RL 2455.00
     ii) Minimum Draw Down   level (MDDL) RL 2423.0
    (iii) Dead stroage Leveel     RL 2391.00
    (iv) Sill level of Canal Sluice:
          (a) Right Bank canal Sluice RL 2415.00
          (b) Left bank canal Sluice:              : RL 2420.00
     v)  Sill level of river Sluice      RL 2391.00
10. Silt charge per year mcft/sq.Km of C.A)
     i) Designed  0.0077
     ii) Actual            Not assessed.
11. Ayacut ( in acres)  
    i) Right Bank Canal     6,600
   ii) Left Bank Canal  400
  iii) Old atchkat under river  channel and tanks below the dam ( Stabilization) 9,694
                                                                      Total                 16,694

12.  General Characteristics of soil in the command area

Red soil and Sandy soil mixed with  black cotton soil.

13. a) Installed power in MW No Power generation
      b) Annual power generation in Mu  
14.  A Brief Note on Link canal connecting Chikkahole Reservoir Project to Suvarnavathi Reservoir Project:
The Suvarnavathy dam is located across Suvarnavathy river near Attigulipura in village, Chamarajanagar Taluk at a distance of about 3 KM away from the Chikkahole reservoir Project.  The inflow received at Suvarnavathy reservoir is much below the estimated yield at the time of project planning.  So it becomes necessary to augment  flows at Suvarnavathy by diverting excess flow available at Chikkahole to the Suvarnavathy Reservoir.  A link canal for a length of 2.8 KM with a capacity of 750 cusecs.   from Chikkahole reservoir to Suvarnavathy reservoir has been constructed.Tthe work was taken up during 1985 and completed in 1988.   The sanctioned cost of the project is Rs.59.5 lakhs.
II. (1) (b) Particular of dam:
    1. Type of dam       Central Masonry Spillway with Earthen Flanks on either side.
    2. Length of dam (in ft.) 3,840
    3. Height of dam (in ft.) above river bed level    85
    4. Capacity of spillway            (in feet) 160
    5. Capacity of Spillway     23,900 Cusecs
    6. Outlets (canals and River0 
LB            RB   RIVER             SPILLWAY
        a) Number   1 3 2 3
        b) Type of   gate Vertical                   rectangular type  manually operated           Vertical           rectangular type manually operated               Vertical           rectangular type manually operated            Vertical           rectangular type manually operated           
        c) Sizes (31/2’X41/2’)  (21/2X42/2’)    (6’X8’)       (30’X20’)
        d) Capacity in cusecs    15        237    4100 23900



            Hongalawadi is the only Anicut which has a permanent masonry weir structure with the canal on the left side,  The other river channels do not have any permanent structure but are only open cut channels whenever the water is allowed in the river for these river channels atchkatdars will make their own arrangement for drawls of water with temporary bunds.


I. Under Anicut Channels:           Area   In Acres  Length of Canal in KM.
    1. Hongalawadi  600 11.52
    2. Kudlur feeder channel 258     4.8
    3. Sargur Channel  194   5.6
    4. Homma channel   652    4.8
    5. Alur channel   429  12.0
    6. Muralihalla Channel  196    5.6
    7. Hosahally channel 412          4.8
                               Total     2,741    49.12 Km.
II. Under feeder channels and tanks:
    1 Under Hongalawadi tank feeder channels  1,643  3.00
    2.Kestur tank feeder channel  286           12.8
    3. Amble tank channel   447.21  6.4
    4. Yelandur tank feeder channel 1,123.15  7.2
    5. Yaragur tank feeder channel 858.27 7.2
    6. Maddur tank channel   1,044,37       7.6
    7. Agara tank channel   1,354.38  7.2
    8. Uppinamala feeder channel     148.0     1.6
    9. Duggati tank Feeder channel 46.0            2.4
                          Total         6,953.00 ac 55.4KM.
III. Total of I and II   9,694.00 Ac
II. (ii)
The details of Hongalawadi anicut channel (diversion work) is as given below.
1. Name      Hongalawadi Anicut Channel
2. Location        near Siddaiahnapura. Chamarajanagar taluk.
3. Sub-Basin/ Taluk/Dostrict:   Suvarnavathy Sub-Basin C-3 Chamarajanagar Taluk. Mysore District.
4. Catchment area    Total catchment area  795.13
 Independent catchment of Hongalawadi Anicut   8.50
Total in Sq.Km.  803.63
5. Length of weir 230 feet
6. Discharging capacity   _
7. Capacity of under sluice   No under sluice.
8. Capacity of Head Regulator  90 cusecs.
9. Minimum pond level    
Crest level                R L 2334.00
Cill level   R L 2331.00


                                    (MAIN & BRANCH CANALS)

1.     (i)  Length of L.B.C. ( in Kms.)  5.2
     (ii)  Length of R.B.C. (in Kms) 19.9
     (iii)      Total length of feeder channels (in KM)  55.4
2.  (i) Length of branch canal   Under L.B.C No branch canals
     (ii) Length of branch canal under R.B.C. No branch canals
     (iii) Feeder channels     No branch canals
3. Whether perennial/One seasonal/ Two seasonal One seasonal
4. Whether lined or Unlined            Partly lined
5.  Authorized head capacity   R.B.C. – 237 cusecs.
L.B.C.-   15  cusecs.
Hongalawadi channel     90 cusecs.